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«sun2050.ch» – die Initiative für mehr Sonnenstrom

Primeo Energie, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) and EBL (Genossenschaft Elektra Baselland) are pooling their expertise in decentralised energy supply and financing and are starting a joint solar energy campaign. With immediate effect, the three companies are jointly running the new platform “sun2050.ch”. Homeowners can establish the solar potential of their own home easily and precisely online with help from “sun2050.ch”. Based on various parameters, you can investigate the construction of an appropriate system and get quotes for the technology and financing.

The efficient use of energy and the use of environmentally friendly energy sources are decisive in achieving the energy revolution envisaged by the Federal Council by 2050. Developing solar power offers huge potential, particularly here in sunny north-western Switzerland too. Photovoltaic systems can be constructed on roofs without additional use of space. The technology can be used in various ways and is becoming cheaper all the time. Primeo Energie, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) and EBL (Genossenschaft Elektra Baselland) are launching the joint offer “sun2050.ch” so single-family homeowners and apartment owners can fund the expansion of solar energy in the optimal manner using their own financial means.

“sun2050.ch” is the first online platform where those interested can calculate the photovoltaic potential themselves and get a detailed roof analysis and financing solutions. Suitable offers are sent to anyone who is interested, with quotes and recommendations for the project. The big difference is how "sun2050.ch" not only creates transparency by providing expert advice when comparing offers from solar installers, but also accompanies you throughout the entire process. During the first phase, the platform covers photovoltaic systems. Other offers relating to energy efficiency and electromobility are in the pipeline. Fee-based, impartial consultations on building photovoltaic systems including development and quality assurance are arranged with the engineering firm Weisskopf Partner GmbH, which has already been successfully involved in the Leimental energy platform. If the photovoltaic system is implemented on a legally binding basis and on time by a brokered solar installer, the customer will be reimbursed a share of the consulting costs.

Clear signals and effective incentives are required to bring about a successful energy revolution, which would release the investment needed across the board in the renewable energies sector. To support those interested in deciding whether to opt for a solar system on their own roof or join a production collective, Primeo Energie launched the Leimental energy platform together with seven municipalities and EnergieSchweiz last autumn (with a view to promoting photovoltaic systems as well). This move met with a lot of interest and, among other things, it has brought homeowners’ requirements out into the open. Primeo Energie has launched the “sun2050.ch” project based on the insights it has acquired and has managed to bring two strong and like-minded partners in BLKB and EBL on board. With the online platform, synergies and knowledge sharing in relation to decentralised solar power production and financing are used to maximise customer benefit. Best practice is to be established and, together with homeowners, a significant contribution will be made to promoting photovoltaic systems and increasing renewable energy production in north-western Switzerland.

Dr Conrad Ammann, CEO Primeo Energie: From a global point of view, environmentally friendly energy and mobility solutions are among the most important drivers of a successful energy revolution. Intelligent solutions for optimal implementation, use and financing of solar power make a key contribution. With “sun2050ch”, we can shape the future of energy together with our partners and customers

John Häfelfinger, CEO BLKB: As the leading financing partner in the region, we support the joint initiative to promote solar power and we are delighted to contribute our wealth of experience in financing energy-efficient solutions. As a future-oriented bank, we are providing homeowners with an amazingly simple form of financing for energy-saving solutions through our energy mortgage, and on really attractive terms too.

Tobias Andrist, CEO EBL: The energy revolution will only succeed if we cooperate with the people and thus with our customers. We want to do our bit by offering a simple and effective solution for the procurement of their solar system in cooperation with “sun2050.ch”. We can generate real added value for our customers together with our partners Primeo Energie and BLKB. Active engagement with the changes in our industry is key for us. We need future-oriented, innovative solutions.

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