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Let's take a very personal energy journey! In lavishly designed rooms, you will learn how we can still reach the goals of the energy revolution together.

Renewable energies

Thanks to renewable energy sources – sun, wind and water – there is sufficient energy available on our planet already now.

In the first three of the altogether six rooms, you can immerse yourself with our scientist Sophia and her companion in the topic of producing electricity from light, wind and water.

But we need even more for the energy revolution to succeed…

Transport and storage

We need to be able to transport the energy generated over long distances and to store it in large quantities at different times – major technical challenges to be solved quickly across national borders.

Only by working together can the energy revolution succeed.


If we overcome all the challenges, we might even be able to fly again in the future without a bad conscience.

But we still have a long road ahead, and things will make better sense once you've completed the energy journey with Sophia and Sabor.

Duration of the energy journey: approx. 35 minutes (max. 15 people)

Last but not least – and that's just the beginning…

Special exhibition

We are already working behind the scenes for you on our next special exhibition.

In a small but exquisite area of the renovated old building, you will soon find an exciting, interactive exhibition about climate and energy – and more surprise moments are guaranteed.

We look forward to your visit to Primeo Energie Kosmos.

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